Sunday, January 02, 2011

Buzzcocks “Another Music in a Different Kitchen” (1978)

There are some albums which will never age and remain relevant no matter what the prevailing musical trends; Another Music In A Different Kitchen is one such album. Many predicted the demise of the band following the departure of founder member Howard DeVoto but this magnificent album proved the doom-mongers wrong. The Buzzcocks' magnum opus is not punk but brash rock and roll with pop overtones couched in the candid language of the day. It carries no pretensions and refuses to acknowledge any inspirational influences. This is simply four blokes having a good time. From the buzz-saw introduction of early single "Boredom" which both opens and closes the album but doesn't actually appear in its entirety, this is a quite breathtaking selection of songs but, in my opinion, side two is where all the nuggets are to be found. The brilliant jagged guitar that ranges throughout "Fiction Romance", the driving bass/guitar that punctuates the chorus of "Autonomy", the desperate, manic vocals which feature on "I Need" and the devastating drumming which rolls through "Moving Along With The Pulsebeat" and is one of the few occasions a drum solo can claim to be more than window dressing - all important considerations when understanding what makes this type of music so powerful. A true classic of the punk era without being a punk album. –Ian

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