Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bob Welch “French Kiss” (1977)

Following a brief affair with heavy rock on the pair of Paris releases, Bob Welch puckers up and lands a solo soft rock triumph on French Kiss. While some of that guitar crunch remains, it and Welch's trademark baked goods vocals are wrapped in silky disco strings and dance floor beats throughout the mesmerizing French Kiss. The LP finds Welch as a post-hippie playboy on the prowl through irrepressible entries like the alluring "Ebony Eyes," "Hot Love, Cold World," and the Fleetwood/McVie/Buckingham assisted infatuation of "Easy to Fall" and "Sentimental Lady," originally cut for the Mac's Bare Trees. Elsewhere the disco-rockin' "Carolene," funky "Outskirts," vintage Welch space-drifter "Danchiva" and sunny Claifornia dreamin' duo of "Lose my Heart" and "Lose Your Heart" only serve to solidify the album's appeal - rare is the seventies softie that never dips in quality, all while delivering the lounge lizard magic in such spot-on fashion as on French Kiss. –Ben

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