Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Phil Manzanera/801 “801 Live” (1976)

Not your every day live album, 801 Live captures the supergroup featuring ex-Roxy Musicians Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno in one of their few performances. Featuring all the sonic detail, colorful guitar and synthesizer tones, and high-class musicianship you'd expect from such a lineup, another pleasant surprise here is the excellent recording, which almost sounds more like a studio album. A subtle, delicate style informs many of these performances, highlighting tracks from Eno and Manzanera's early solo albums, the Quiet Sun album, and skewed reworkings of "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "You Really Got Me." Brainy and electronic, but warm and human as well, 801 Live is an essential purchase for fans of the musicians involved, or seventies art-rock in general. –Ben

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  1. seminal... Simon Phillips on drums is in the ZONE on this one! The angular buzz saw guitar lick in "Third Uncle" will blow your hair back. Listening to this LP with the phones unleashes another level of sonic attack to your senses due to the groundbreaking "DI" recording technique of running all the instruments directly to the mixing desk rather than mic'ing the amps or PA. This allows Manzanera's guitar to weave like an alien spacecraft throughout the atmospheric soundscape which he uses to great effect on "Diamond Head".